Sunday, November 13, 2011

Polka dot contest

Another addition to the new blog, this time with Rylee (with the help of Mum!)

There is a story behind this card and here it is..... The giraffe has just been to see Dr Claire, because he broke is neck and his leg when he climbed a tree and fell out.
He is ok now and is jumping on his other 3 legs, Dr Claire is now helping Mr Aqua Panda, then will move on to the little cat who is waiting in line!!!

I am entering this card in the La-La Land for Kids Polka Dot contest, I think there are plenty on this card!!

I made this card for Claire, so she can keep this in her office, because she is a Doctor and she helps people!

See you soon

Spotty Dotty Contest

 Hello and welcome to my 1st ever post on my very own blog, well it is mine and my little sister Rylee's blog!
I wanted to start my own blog because I have been making cards for a long time and have wanted to put them on the internet, and my Mum suggested I should start my own blog!

I am struggling to remember all the tricks for blogging, and a very special thanks to my Mum for helping me all the way- love you Mum ( Mum wrote that!)
I hope to become a fantastic crafter like my Mum!
It is very hard to stay in the lines with my Copic colouring, and be patient with me while I am practicing!

This card was for Lauren my friend and she loves red!
I am entering this card in the La-La Land Crafts For Kids contest.
The challenge was to use polka-dots in your design.
 I have used Ruffles Marci because she looks like my friend Lauren.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my beautiful card
See you next time
Darcy :)