Saturday, September 1, 2012

LLL4K #25 "Back To School"

Hello everybody, I'm back for another posting session with me Darcy!!!!
I am here to show you one if my newest cards for La La Land 4 Kids, I hope this post will go right for me because I have never used the schedule before. 
I am going on a family holiday with my family very soon and we are also travelling with our friends that will not be with us for all our holiday. It was very hard to finish 3 cards before I went to this weird land of weird people!!!!!!! LOL
So, I think you might of picked out the the theme by now, if you haven''t I will give you it now "Back To School", I have used Backpack Marci and she also comes with a few accessories as well as the image. 

Me using Backpack Marci

A close up of my image

I hope you have had a great time looking at my "Back To School"card, I hope you spend a little bit of your time commenting on my cards if you like!!!! I will see you in 14 days and I will update some thing on my Facebook page when I'm in America.  ( At the time of writing this post we had 3 days and 18 hours not like we were counting or anything!!!!! )
See you soon my fellow crafters, 
Darcy :) 

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  1. Your card us adorable Darcy. Fabulous colouring and great use of the MFT letters too.
    Have a wonderful holiday x


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